Monday, August 16, 2010

Al-Qudree's Precious Delight Aidilfitri Treats

Every year during this point of time, my family and me will be busy cleaning and decorating our house, baking some cookies and cake for Aidilfitri treats and later towards the end of Ramadhan, we will be menganyam ketupat and cooking some Aidilfitri dishes to celebrate Hari Raya with other family members and friends.

However, this year we approach Aidilfitri with something additional, we share our family heritage with others, beside making some 'side-income'... hehehe. Therefore, we are proud to present our Pineapple Tart, Traditional Makmur and Mix Nuts Chocolate Chip Cookies at a reasonable price tag. We hope that our Aidilfitri Treats will be part of your Aidilfitri Treats too...

Al-Qudree's Precious Delight Aidilfitri Treats... A Homemade Treats With Love..

Al-Qudree's Precious Delight Pineapple Tart - RM25 per box

Al-Qudree's Precious Delight Traditional Makmur - RM25 per box

Al-Qudree's Precious Delight Mix Nuts Chocolate Chip Cookies - RM20 per box
To order, please do not hesitate to contact us at or drop us an email. Ready stocks available, while stock lasts. Delivery can also be arranged.


  1. kueh nie sedap x?
    klu sedap kasi la tester... hantar kat rumah tau.. hehe~

  2. kuih telinga keling ada?

  3. Anonymous 1 : Belum cuba, belum tau.. Nanti dah cuba pasti nak lagi.. hahaha. Boleh aje, silalah beri alamat. :)

    Anonymous 2 : Kuih Telinga Keling saya x jual, kalau teringin, silalah ke mana-mana pasar ramadhan... tentu ada. ;)


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